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Associate Pastor Call Process

The process for finding a new pastor within the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod moves slowly.  This is somewhat intentional so that both congregation and pastor take an appropriate amount of time to pray and seek the Holy Spirit's guidance throughout the process.  The office of pastor is not just a job that is hired or fired, but one that God has given to His church and fills through prayerful consideration by both pastor and people.

This page will be home to all of the updates along the way as we work toward identifying the person God already knows to fill our open Associate Pastor spot. 

Call Committee Members: Joe Gogerty, Chair, John Bilsten, Matt Divis, Rita Prunty, Abby Wolf, Aaron Siefken, Heather Studer, Melissa Lentz, Keith Kuecker, Tami Hankins, Chandra McMahon, Jane Bilsten, Pastor Tom Schlund, Pastor Thomas Cowell


  • June -- Call Committee appointed at the June Church Council Meeting (Members listed above)

  • July -- July 1, 2019 -- Call Committee meets with President Turner to learn about the process and discuss options
    • Questions were asked about the possibility of other positions like Director of Christian Education, Deaconess, or Vicar.  

  • An update was shared with the congregation on July 7th that summarizes the conversation with President Turner and presents the information we have moving forward. You can read that update by clicking here.

  • September -- President Turner sent a list of names to the Call Committee.  The committee met on September 10th to narrow down the list and select names to be interviewed further. 

  • An update was shared with the congregation on September 22nd about the work the committee had completed to that point. You can read the update by clicking here. 

  • October -- On September 30th the Call Committee interviewed the candidates that they selected from the larger pool of names. After the interviews, the committee feels comfortable bringing a recommendation to the Voter's Assembly. 
  • On Sunday, October 20th, we held a special Voter's Meeting to hear from the Call Committee and vote on how to proceed. The Voter's Assembly voted to call a Pastor who is currently serving in the North America Lutheran Church (NALC) and is nearing the completion of his Colloquy process to become a pastor in the LCMS. He was recommended by Pastor Turner and the committee was impressed with his experience and interview. 

    He needs to complete one final interview with the Colloquy Committee of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) in December and then he will officially be able to be placed here to serve at Trinity.  We're anticipating this to happen in mid-January.  We'll keep you updated as the details become more certain.