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Rejoicing in the Good, Hoping for the Better: A Reflection on the Gospel in this Time of Quarantine


The law (of God) operates in the categories of good and bad. The law tells us what to do and what not to do, what is holy and what is not holy, what is the stuff of life and what is the stuff of death. The gospel, however, operates in the categories of good and better. This means that the gospel is always a gift; the answer of the gospel is always yes; the amount of the...

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God Doesn't Give Up!


January is a month of newness. A new year begins and with it comes all sorts of New Years resolutions. Maybe you made some this year or maybe you’ve made them in the past. As long as you’ve made at least one resolution in your past then you probably won’t be surprised by something I read last week. Apparently there is a company that studies ...

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The Cross is Our Miracle

Jesus on the cross

For the next few weeks, until Ash Wednesday, the Church celebrates the season of Epiphany. The season of Epiphany has a lot to do with teaching us that Jesus is God. For this reason the Gospel lessons on Sundays feature many miracles of Jesus. We hear of Jesus turning water into wine, healing the sick, casting out demons, and much more. ...

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What are You Waiting For?


What are you waiting for? This is a question I’ve been known to exclaim occasionally when I’m behind a car at a stoplight that has turned green without them moving. Sometimes it is at an intersection when I’m waiting for the car in front of me to turn right. What are you waiting for? If you’re a parent, maybe you’ve found yourself shouting this at your kids when...

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Thanksgiving Comes from God

Oh Give Thanks Unto the Lord For He Is Good and His Mercy Endures Forever

Anyone is capable of being thankful. However, Christians are uniquely able to understand the true source of their thankfulness and to give thanks in the fullest way. This is because Christians recognize that God is the true source of all thanksgiving, for it is from the hand of God that we were created and redeemed, and it is from the hand of God that we are today continu...

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We Have Hope!


As I’m writing this, the news is still unfolding, but hopefully, when you are reading this, more details will be known. I’m talking about the tragic death of Pastor Al Henderson, the Senior Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Fort Dodge. He was killed on Wednesday night, October 2nd, outside his church in an alleged robbery....

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Whose Job is It?


So whose job is it? Whose job is it to teach our children the Christian faith? Parents, it's very easy for you to assume that this is the job of the Sunday School teachers. You send your kids to school to learn how to be good citizens; therefore you send your kids to Sunday school to learn how to be good Christians. Simple enough....

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Back to School....Back to God


Before I became a pastor, I was a college administrator. Before serving in that role, I had spent around twenty years in school between kindergarten and the end of graduate school. Now that I’m a pastor, all of our new programs and activities kick off in August and September. I tell you this to say that for as long as I can remember I’ve always felt like August seemed...

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The Mountain of God


This summer my family vacationed at the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The cabin in which we stayed for several days of the trip was near the top of a mountain. The view of the surrounding mountain tops was stunning. We observed the sun reflecting off the snow covered peaks in the morning, beautiful shades of orange and pink descending on the rocks as the sun set, and clou...

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Make Time for Jesus

061218 eml Trinity Algona 021.JPG

Summer is upon us! Now we might not always know that by the weather we’ve been experiencing. In fact, I’m not sure exactly what to call the season that we’ve been living in, but according to the calendar, summer officially arrived on June 21st. In reality, I know that summer starts at different times for different people. Some count Memorial Day weekend as the star...

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