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What are You Waiting For?


What are you waiting for? This is a question I’ve been known to exclaim occasionally when I’m behind a car at a stoplight that has turned green without them moving. Sometimes it is at an intersection when I’m waiting for the car in front of me to turn right. What are you waiting for? If you’re a parent, maybe you’ve found yourself shouting this at your kids when...

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We Have Hope!


As I’m writing this, the news is still unfolding, but hopefully, when you are reading this, more details will be known. I’m talking about the tragic death of Pastor Al Henderson, the Senior Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Fort Dodge. He was killed on Wednesday night, October 2nd, outside his church in an alleged robbery....

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Back to School....Back to God


Before I became a pastor, I was a college administrator. Before serving in that role, I had spent around twenty years in school between kindergarten and the end of graduate school. Now that I’m a pastor, all of our new programs and activities kick off in August and September. I tell you this to say that for as long as I can remember I’ve always felt like August seemed...

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Make Time for Jesus

061218 eml Trinity Algona 021.JPG

Summer is upon us! Now we might not always know that by the weather we’ve been experiencing. In fact, I’m not sure exactly what to call the season that we’ve been living in, but according to the calendar, summer officially arrived on June 21st. In reality, I know that summer starts at different times for different people. Some count Memorial Day weekend as the star...

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Why are Good Things so Hard?


Have you ever noticed that the things that are good for us are hard? They take work. Take school, for example, you can slide through school by just doing the bare minimum. You can get passing grades and graduate without really mastering any material. However, if you really want to learn the material it is going to take more work. You need to read the books, complete t...

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Give Thanks


Wow! What a few months we’ve had in our country huh? It seems like every election cycle is lasting longer and longer. Everywhere we’ve turned for the last yeast has seemed to have something to do with politics and the election. We finally got to Election Day and maybe you were thankful with the way the elections turned out. Or maybe you’re like a number of people...

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What is Truth?


I’m a news junkie. I like watching and reading the news and know what is going on in our town, across our state, the country and the world. It is interesting to know what is going on and to be aware of current events. Last week I saw a clip of an interview that was rather intriguing. This interview was given by Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, and who...

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Too Much Noise


Last week I was thinking about how much information we have access to today that wasn’t accessible 10-20 years ago. When I pull my iPhone out of my pocket there is very little that I can’t find. I have instant access to news, sports scores, and weather forecasts. I can shop and have packages delivered to my house. I can download books, podcasts, and movies. ...

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The Best Week of the Year


It is the greatest week of the year. I know it might not seem like it since we can’t seem to shake winter even though the calendar has turned to spring, but trust me, it is the greatest week of the year. What makes it so great? Well, in the church we call it “Holy Week” and it is the time that Christians around the world remember the culmination of God...

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Light in the Darkness

Untitled design-6

If the past few weeks are any indication, winter has most definitely arrived. After being spoiled with moderate temperatures well into December, we made up for it with a string of sub-zero arctic days....

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Welcome to our new website!


As we begin a new year we also launch a new website. We hope you'll find all sorts of useful information here. Please let us know how we can continue to be of service to you in the future!...

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