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A Family Christmas


There is a reason songs like “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays” are Christmas classics. These songs put to music a desire common to us all.  Even in our mixed up and individualistic culture, we all know deep down that being a part of a family is a universally good thing.  We all want to be a part of a loving and supportive family.  We want people who care for us and we want to care for other people.  We want to have a close group of people with which to share special moments – like Christmas! 

The problem is that we all know that the perfect family Christmas is hard to find.  Some families dread coming together for Christmas because of the tension of differing opinions and values.  Some families don’t come together for Christmas because of divorces or feuds.  Some families can’t come together for Christmas because distance or death has separated them.  As much as we all desire to be home for Christmas and to have the perfect holiday with family, we all face obstacles that prevent us from doing so.

In fact there is only one family on earth that has the perfect family Christmas every year.  That family is God’s family.  From the beginning God wanted all people relate to each other and relate to Him in a family relationship.  God is, after all, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The love and unity of a family is a part of who God is.  Therefore when God saw what sin and death had done to His family design – how sin and death had separated people and put them at odds with each other – He promised to save us and bring us back together again specifically through a family.  God promised in Genesis that it would be the offspring of a woman, the child of a mother, that would defeat sin, death, and the devil and reunite all people to God and to each other.  

About 2,000 years ago we found out that the child who would save us was Jesus, God’s own Son, and that the mother to bring Him into the world would be the Blessed Virgin Mary.  On that first Christmas Day God not only created a perfect family Christmas for Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, God united all humanity into one big family again through the divine and human baby Jesus who was called Immanuel, God with us.  Jesus would finish His family reunion on the cross where His sacrificial death forever removed from us sin, death, and everything that keeps us from being God’s perfect children.

By faith in Jesus as the divine Son of God and the human child of Mary who died for our sins you are a member of God’s perfect family.  By faith in Jesus your relationship with your own earthly family is restored as well. Any sin that causes hostility between you and God or you and your family is forgiven in Jesus.  Any division that separates you from God or from your family is repaired in Jesus.  Even death no longer separates you from God or from your family who has died in the faith because of Jesus’ gift of resurrection.  Because Jesus was made man, died for your sins, and brought you into God’s family again you can have the perfect family Christmas.

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