On the Word Become Flesh

On this the Nativity of our Lord
We sing praise to the one of blessed birth
With a joy that extends past common words
To God Himself, made man to dwell on earth.

By the love of God that first Christmas day
The Son, the Word through whom all things were made
Was virgin-born child asleep on the hay, 
Born among sinners to come to our aid.

To think, the one who first ruled from on high
Would for us be made so humble and low,
Not just in manger, but on cross to die
So that grace and truth may to all be known.

Therefore make heard now the good and glad sound:
Christ Jesus is born, in whom all life is found!

Yet Christmas joy lasts not one day or hour,
As if Christ is left to one time or place. 
When dried up is every branch and flower,
Jesus is present with unending grace. 

For what box with bow which sits by the tree 
Can match the gift of Christ’s Word for us preached, 
And His body and blood given for free 
Who by faith is always for us in reach.

Today and beyond, then, let us receive
Christ our Lord, born in flesh, embodied Love, 
And not doubt or deny what we believe: 
That Christ is with us, on earth and above. 

To Christ alone be all glory and praise;
To Him forever do our voices raise! 

Pastor Thomas Cowell. Public Domain.
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Thomas Cowell