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Weekly Online Schedule

  • Sunday Morning Live Stream Worship -- 8:00am
Please let those without internet access know that:
  • Our worship service is broadcast on Mediacom Channel 3 or AMU Channel 4 or 918 (new cable) on Tuesday mornings @ 9:00am
  • The Lutheran Hour is broadcast on Sundays at 7:05am on KLGA (92.7 FM)
  • Lift High the Cross is broadcast on Sundays at 8:30am on KLGA (92.7 FM)
Whenever we're live, you should be able to view the video here. If you have problems, please visit our YouTube channel by clicking here. Please find the PDF of the bulletin below the video.
Sunday Morning Bulletins
October 2:        Order of Service    |     News Bulletin
September 25:        Order of Service    |     News Bulletin
September 18:        Order of Service    |     News Bulletin
September 11:        Order of Service    |     News Bulletin

October :        Event Calendar    |    Serving at Trinity
September :        Event Calendar    |    Serving at Trinity
August:        Event Calendar    |    Serving at Trinity
July :        Event Calendar    |    Serving at Trinity

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