Resources for Livestream Worship

Weekly Online Schedule

  • Sunday Morning Live Stream Worship -- 8:00am
Please let those without internet access know that:
  • Our worship service is broadcast on Mediacom Channel 3 or AMU Channel 4 or 918 (new cable) on Tuesday mornings @ 9:00am
  • The Lutheran Hour is broadcast on Sundays at 7:05am on KLGA (92.7 FM)
  • Lift High the Cross is broadcast on Sundays at 8:30am on KLGA (92.7 FM)
Whenever we're live, you should be able to view the video here. If you have problems, please visit our YouTube channel by clicking here. 
**NOTE: Please find the PDF of the bulletin below the video.
Sunday Morning Bulletins
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October:        Event Calendar    |    Serving at Trinity
September:        Event Calendar    |    Serving at Trinity
August:        Event Calendar    |    Serving at Trinity